Innovation Fair is a major event co-organised by the EU Chamber of Commerce and Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd. 

Its purpose is to connect startups with Engineering and R&D departments of multinationals. In parallel to high level conferences, live startup pitching sessions and curated match making between startups and multinationals take place. 

As a cross industry event, Innovation Fair represents an opportunity for cross-pollination between industries in terms of innovation management practices, methods and technological applications. 

Based out of Nanjing, Innovation Fair is Jiangsu Province's leading Innovation event. This 2019 2nd edition  is integrated into Nanjing Techweek as officially designated strategic partner.


In a nutshell


  • 2 Days of Conferences organised by EU Chamber of Commerce.
  • Main Conferences followed by Tech and Business Panel Discussions.
  • Fortune 500 companies, start ups and stakeholders of the innovation community.

Innovation Zones

  • Corporate and International Zones for curated match making between corporate R&D, Engineering and selected Startups.
  • Open Pitching Zones for Startups to pitch their solutions to corporate R&D, Engineering and Investors.

Industry Cross-Pollination

  • Identify Corporate Innovation best practices
  • Identify startup applications from a variety of industries eventually applicable to your own


  • Corporate R&D and Innovation reach out to the innovation community with specific tech challenges 
  • Startups, research institutes, entrepreneurs - present solutions

Technology Scope

Smart Hardware - IoT Information Flow - New Energy Tech - Life Sciences - Eco Tech - AI Big Data - Gaming - Food Tech - New Materials - AR/VR and more ...


Startups / 创新创业企业

Founders, Technologists, Programmers, Developers, Designers, Business Development etc 创始人,  技术人员, 项目管理, 研发人员, 设计, 商务发展

Corporations / 公司

R&D and Product Design Engineers 


Higher and Department Level Management 


Government / 政府

Commercial Science and Technology

Bureau,  Regional, Municipal and Industry Zone officials 工业园区商业和科技领导, 地区和市级领导 

Universities / 大学

University and Research Institutes Department Heads, Researchers and Spin-offs

研究学者 行政领导 

Investors and Ecosystem Partners / 金融和生态合作伙伴

Financial Institutions, Venture Capital, Angel Investors, Incubators, Accelerators

金融机构, 风险投资, 天使投资, 孵化器, 加速器


组织单位 Organizers


战略和合作伙伴 Strategic and Ecosystem Partners


Inno Fair 2019 Registration

Corporates and Partners

  • 企业创新空间 Corporate Innovation Zone
  • 国际创新空间 International Innovation Zone
  • 交流创新空间 Networking Innovation Space


  • 投资创业公司 Invested Startups
  • 小型创新公司:预登记报名,经过主办方审核有机会获得主办方赞 Startup Sponsored Participation Options


  • 天通用门票:包含所有会议+现场午餐。两天通用门票:包含所有会议+现场午餐。
  • 1 Day Conference : including full access to conference and onsite lunch. Day 1 + Day 2 Conference Participation.

2018 Innovation Fair Review

Nanjing, 23rd May, 2018. The 1st Innovation Fair in Nanjing was Jiangsu’s announcement to the world that Jiangsu is a major international technology and innovation hub. By facilitating collaboration between innovative startups and leading multinational corporations, the Fair brought together startups, multinationals, investors, incubators, universities, government, and international media. 2018年5月23日首届创新大会在南京顺利举办,这代表向全球宣告江苏已经成为国际重要的技术和创新中心。初创公司、中外跨国企业、投资者、孵化器、大学、政府和国内国际媒体代表们齐聚一堂,本次大会旨在创建互动创新平台,促进初创者和中外跨国企业之间的合作。

Innovation Fair was co-organised by the EU Chamber of Commerce in China and Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibitions Company and enjoyed the full support of Jiangsu’s Science and Technology, Commerce and Foreign Affairs Bureaus, Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Gulou and Jianye Districts as well as several other official institutions. The Deputy Director General of the Department of Science and Technology of Jiangsu delivered the opening remarks, alongside Dr Laurent Bochereau, Minister Counsellor, Head of Science, Technology and Environment, EU Delegation to China, where both sides highlighted their commitment and support to innovation ecosystems. 南京创新大会由欧盟商会和南京斯图加特联合展览公司主办,得到了包括江苏省科技厅、商务外事局、南京市商务局、鼓楼和建业区政府以及其他官方机构的支持。江苏科技部副总干事与欧盟驻华代表团部长顾问、科学技术与环境负责人Laurent Bochereau博士一起致开幕词,强调双方将在创新生态系统领域展开进一步的合作。 

Following the fair’s participants positive feedback and high visitor turnout Innovation Fair will be held again next year and carried out on a yearly basis. 首届创新大会得到了参展企业以及各方的好评。主办方已经开始为下届创新大会做准备,预计今后每年都会举办类似的大会。

The Innovation Fair started with a high level conference that then split into two 

parts: startups pitching multinational corporations and one on one meetings, and speaker panels discussing topics such as the global ecosystem, the Internet of Things, venture capital strategy and scaling up. 本次创新大会汇聚各方资源,由两个部分组成:初创者们与各大跨国公司的代表们展开面对面的交流;同时,受邀前来的演讲嘉宾们就全球创业生态系统、物联网、风险投资战略和创新驱动联盟等问题进入更为深入的讨论。

Multinational corporations that took part included BSH Home Appliances, Ford Motor Company, Shougang Group, Aden Services and a major Japanese gaming firm. Chinese startups from Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou participated as did international startups with founders stemming from The Netherlands, India, Israel, Germany, UK, US, France, Korea, Thailand, Congo and Azerbaijan. These included Magride, The 3D Food Company, 100-XYZ,Frameless, Nanjing Aier Ke Tech and A Champs. 参与本次大会的跨国企业有博西家电、福特、首钢集团、埃顿服务以及日本的博彩公司。同时,也有来自中国南京、上海、北京、苏州、无锡以及常州的初创公司;以及来自荷兰、印度、以色列、德国、美国、英国、法国、韩国、泰国、刚果以及阿塞拜疆的国际初创团队。包括青飞智能、3D 食品公司、100-XYZ、Frameless、南京阿尔克科技有限公司初创者和A Champs等。

Fields of collaboration were in key Nanjing sectors: Automotive, Home Appliances, New Materials and Environmental Tech, Gaming, and Sports. 首届创新大会涉及南京众多行业领域,包括:汽车、家电、新材料及环境技术、游戏和体育。

2018 Corporate / Startup Tech Matching


Bosch Siemens Home Appliances 博西家用电器投资有限公司

Smart Cooking 智能烹饪   

Social Cooking 社交烹饪   

Connected Kitchen 连线厨房   

User Experience improvement 用户体验改进   

User Interfaces / Robotics 用户界面机器人   

Predictive Maintenance 预见性维护   

Data Mining 数据挖掘技术   

Shareconomy + Smart Device Ecosystems 共享经济与智能设备生态系统   

IoT Platform 物联网平台   

A.I. technology 人工智能   

New Sensors 新传感器   

New Materials 新材料   

New Hygiene Technology 卫生新技术    

Ford Research and Engineering (Nanjing) 福特汽车工程研究(南京)有限公司

Autonomous  driving & Smart Car 无人自主驾驶&智能汽车   

Telecommunication Tech 通信技术   

Storage – Battery Tech 蓄电池技术   

Charging Tech 充电技术   

Drive and Transmission Systems 驾驶和传输系统   

Sensors & Scanners 传感器&扫描器   

Image Recognition 图像识别   

Voice Control 声音控制   

Artificial Intelligence 人工智能   

AR - VR 虚拟现实—增强现实  

Gaming Industry Leader (rep. by Ark Consulting) 亚克管理咨询公司代表全球知名游戏公司寻找创新企业合作

AR – VR   虚拟现实—增强现实   

Interaction Technology 交互技术 

Telecommunication in gaming 游戏通信   

IoT Hardware 物联网硬件   

Wearables & Mobile Devices 穿戴移动设备   

Sensors & Scanners 传感器&扫描器   

Image Recognition 图像识别   

Voice Control 声音控制   

Artificial Intelligence 人工智能   

Power Supply 电源供应   

Signal Processing 信号处理    

Shougang Group亚克管理咨询公司代表《首钢基金京西商学院》寻找创新企业合作

New Materials 新材料

Environment Tech 环保技术

Equipment Manufacturing 装备制造   

Battery Technology 电池技术   

Smart City Solution (incl. Parking Tech.) 智慧城市解決方案包括停车技术   

Sports IP 體育IP   

Sports Software 體育活動軟件   

Event Rebroadcast 賽事轉播    

Aden Services 北京埃顿酒店服务有限公司

Smart Cooking 智能烹饪

Connected Kitchen 连线厨房

User Interfaces / Robotics 用户界面机器人

Predictive Maintenance 预见性维护

IoT Platform 物联网平台

A.I. technology 人工智能

New Sensors 新传感器

New Materials 新材料

New Hygiene Technology 卫生新技术

Charging Tech 充电技术

Image Recognition 图像识别

AR - VR 虚拟现实—增强现实

Smart City Solution (incl. Parking Tech.)


Wearables & Mobile Devices 穿戴移动设备

Signal Processing 信号处理

2018 Innovation Fair Testimonials 展商反馈

Roland Gerke, CEO, Bosch Siemens Household 博西家用电器投资(中国)有限公司董事长兼总裁盖尔克先生

“It was a great event, the participation was just awesome.” "创新大会是一个非常盛大的活动,参加者都是重量级的."

Sean Newell, Dean of Innovation, Ford Motor Research and Engineering Nanjing 福特汽车研发工程有限公司领导力与创新学院负责人

“We will definitely want to come back, we are here with over 100 employees and the feedback we have had from them has been really good, given the opportunity to connect with startups, talk about innovation and see the new technologies.”  "我们确定将会再次参加,我们今天带来了100多的员工,他们的反馈特别好,创新大会给与了我们和创新公司连接的机会,我们探讨创新和新技术"

Bernhard Weber, Chairman Nanjing Chapter of EUCCC 欧盟商会南京分会董事会主席魏博先生

“If we concentrate on the innovative activities in this province, I think there is a lot we can dig out, of which we can only dream now.”  "在江苏省如果我们致力于创新活动,我想我们不仅拥有梦想,我们可以挖掘出很多东西"

Sukrit Tan, Founder, 5DS VR 5DSVR的创始人Sukrit Tan

“Just want to say thank you for arranging the event and let us have a chance to present. Looking forward to the future plan with you again soon!” “感谢主办方安排了这次活动,让我们有机会参与推荐。期待明年继续参与创新大会!

Leandro Rolon, Founder, 3D Food Company 3D食品公司创始人Leandro Rolon

“Thanks so much for all the help and introductions. You guys did a great job! ” “非常感谢大家的帮助和介绍。大家做得很好!"

Zhang Zhaogui, Chief Engineer, Nanjing Tycho Information Technology 南京拓控信息科技股份有限公司总工程师张兆贵

“Through Innovation Fair we not only learn about new technologies, it’s also a great help to promote our services, there are many business opportunities.” “通过创新大会,我们不仅了解了新技术,并且促进了我们的服务内容,有很多商机。”

Rami Blachman, CEO, Israel Innovate 以色列创新公司的首席执行官Rami Blachman

"It was a highly productive and informative event, well organized. Thank you for inviting me."  "这是一个非常有成效并且活动内容信息丰富,组织很好。非常感谢主办方的邀请”

2018 Startup Partners


2018 Media Partners


2018 Innovation Fair Downloads

Inno Fair List of Participants 创新展合作单位 5.02 (pdf)


Inno Fair Conference 5.11 (pdf)


Inno Fair Rundown 全创新大会日程 (pdf)


Supporters and Co-Organisers

支持单位 / Supported by 


Department of Commerce of Jiangsu Province 


Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government 


China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Nanjing Sub-Council 

 南京市国际商会 / 

Nanjing Chamber of International Commerce 

协办单位 / Co-Sponsors 


Nanjing Jianye District People’s Government 

组织单位 / Co-Organisers 


European Union Chamber of Commerce in China (Nanjing) 

南京斯图加特联合展览有限公司 / 

Nanjing Stuttgart Joint Exhibition Ltd.





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